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H-InvDB_8.3 released on March 26, 2013.
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H-Invitational ID: HIT000425669 Accession number: AK292872 Created date: 26-Mar-2013 Last modified: 26-Mar-2013
Definition: CMP-N-acetylneuraminate-poly-alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase isoform a.

Polymorphism (SNP, indel), microsatellite (Short Tandem Repeat, STR) and repeat information  VaryGene Repeat mask viewer
 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and indel  VaryGene
Location Variation dbSNP ID Strand CDS/UTR Translation
141 .. 141 T/C rs1428439 - 5'UTR
149 .. 149 T/A rs77888994 - 5'UTR
219 .. 219 G/T rs28617677 - 5'UTR
633 .. 633 A/T rs111610860 - CDS Synonymous[Thr117Thr]
1502 .. 1502 A/G rs113309201 - 3'UTR
1515 .. 1515 G/A rs3076 - 3'UTR
 Microsatellite (Short Tandem Repeat, STR)
No data available
 Microsatellite: Human-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases (H-GOLD)
No data available

 Repeat  Repeat mask viewer
No data available
Database links H-GOLDHuman-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases(H-GOLD)
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