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H-Invitational ID: HIT000265621 Accession number: BC075806 Created date: 26-Mar-2013 Last modified: 27-May-2015
Definition: Histone H4;

Transcript original information
Accession number BC075806.1
Clone Number IMAGE:5225467
Experimental resources NBRC: NITE Biological Resource Center  NBRC ; HGPD: Human Gene and Protein Database HGPD ; Antibody: searching human antibodies at "BIO-kaimono.com" Antibody (HIST1H4I) ; Catalog: searching experimental product catalogs at "BIO-kaimono.com" Catalog (HIST1H4I);
Sequence data provider NA
Annotation project NA
Length of cDNA 1418[bp] (No. of exon:1)[A:422 T:379 G:314 C:303]
Devision HTC
Molecular type mRNA
Library origin Cell type NA
Tissue type Pancreas, Spleen, adult pooled
Develpmental stage NA
Sequence quality information
CDS feature Complete CDS
Kozak sequence NA
PolyA Site: 1344(+) Signal: 1319-1323(+)
Vector/adapter sequence NA
Frame shift NA
Remaining intron NA
Splice site acceptor (NAGNAG) NA
Transcript quality feature NA
Notes NA

Gene structure information  G-integra H-DBAS cDNA-genome alignment
H-Inv cluster ID HIX0005658
Genomic location  G-integra Help Chromosome 6
Location 6p22.1
Position 27107076- 27108419
Strand +
Possible duplicated location(s) NA
Gene structure 1 exon(s)
Database links RefSeq NA
Ensembl NA
Entrez Gene Entrez Gene ID:8294
GeneCard GeneCardHIST1H4I*GeneCards is provided free to academic non-profit institutions.
Related H-InvDB links H-DBASH-DBAS;  G-integraG-integra cDNA-genome alignmentcDNA-genome alignment

Predicted CDS information
HIP ID HIP000098402
Predicted CDS 13..324;  103[aa];  Orientation:+1; 
Codon Adaptation Index (CAI). 0.84
Database links RefSeq NP_001029249NP_003486NP_003529NP_003530NP_003531NP_003532NP_003533NP_003534NP_003535NP_003536NP_003537NP_003539NP_068803NP_778224
UniProt P62794P62795P62796P62797P62798P62799P62800P62801P62802P62803P62804P62805P62806Q28DR4Q4R362Q5RCS7Q6WV72Q6WV73Q6WV90Q7K8C0Q7KQD1

Motif information

InterPro Name
length(102), motif(2:103) 102 IPR009072 Histone-fold [Domain]
length(100), motif(3:102) 100 IPR009072 Histone-fold [Domain]
length(12), motif(5:16) 12 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]
length(5), motif(15:19) 5 IPR019809 Histone H4, conserved site [Conserved_site]
length(75), motif(16:90) 75 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]
length(20), motif(20:39) 20 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]
length(67), motif(28:94) 67 IPR007125 Histone core [Domain]
length(21), motif(40:60) 21 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]
length(15), motif(62:76) 15 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]
length(13), motif(77:89) 13 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]
length(12), motif(89:100) 12 IPR001951 Histone H4 [Family]

Gene function information  Gene family PPI viewer Similarity Search Tool TACT
H-Inv ID HIT000265621
H-Inv cluster ID Locus viewHIX0005658
Accession number BC075806.1
Transcript feature  Help Representative H-Inv IDRepresentative transcript; 
Coding potential  Help Protein coding; 
Definition Histone H4;
Similarity category  Help Category: Identical to known human protein(Category I).
Identical to known human protein (P62805)  [Identity/coverage = 100.0%/100.0%] to Homo sapiens (Human). protein.
Experimental evidence Protein evidence
PubMed ID 1916825247445630357173340182631427476262187664735898803090316209119399943965611387442114487791208661812408966145744041457844915345777154893341552796315592455159515141596484616678110169599741708198317967882186696481960886119690332198187142006823121269460214066922172482921925322ALL
Gene family/group Gene family H-Inv gene family/group ID NA
Gene family/group name NA
Evidence motif (InterPro) ID NA
Gene symbol/name HGNC symbol HIST1H4I
HGNC aliases "H4 histone family, member M", "histone 1, H4i"
HGNC name histone cluster 1, H4i
UniProt HIST4H4
EC number NA
(GlycoGene Database)
Gene symbol NA
Familly NA
Designation NA
Expression NA
KEGG metabolic pathway NA
Protein-protein interaction (PPI) PPI viewer H-Inv protein ID HIP000098402
No. of interaction 129
Interaction partner(s) HIP000000470HIP000005979HIP000021401HIP000021427HIP000022242HIP000023266HIP000023694HIP000023789HIP000024053HIP000026502HIP000026502HIP000027917HIP000028305HIP000029551HIP000029910HIP000029985HIP000030139HIP000030994HIP000031656HIP000033190HIP000033190HIP000034291HIP000034507HIP000034622HIP000035861HIP000036396HIP000036396HIP000036549HIP000039590HIP000040678HIP000040680HIP000041828HIP000044307HIP000044667HIP000046743HIP000049801HIP000049801HIP000053167HIP000054593HIP000054593HIP000054826HIP000055870HIP000057536HIP000058916HIP000059185HIP000059982HIP000059982HIP000060692HIP000061444HIP000064438HIP000064456HIP000065414HIP000065414HIP000066578HIP000066604HIP000066936HIP000068180HIP000068180HIP000068736HIP000070217HIP000070356HIP000072983HIP000073894HIP000073894HIP000076124HIP000076357HIP000077597HIP000077597HIP000078197HIP000078197HIP000079679HIP000079679HIP000080656HIP000081421HIP000083074HIP000083279HIP000083623HIP000085006HIP000088104HIP000089945HIP000089945HIP000091250HIP000091666HIP000091666HIP000092689HIP000092689HIP000095247HIP000096037HIP000096070HIP000097214HIP000098079HIP000098409HIP000099408HIP000100997HIP000101847HIP000102204HIP000102317HIP000103109HIP000103653HIP000103706HIP000104193HIP000104340HIP000104785HIP000106438HIP000107442HIP000107442HIP000107493HIP000110770HIP000114950HIP000115324HIP000115602HIP000116212HIP000116775HIP000125020HIP000125493HIP000130328HIP000136193HIP000137998HIP000139098HIP000150678HIP000183185HIP000183185HIP000194034HIP000205251HIP000253284HIP000258392HIP000338892HIP000345899HIP000346335
BIND 153992;  177961;  182216;  183262;  183265;  183266;  200016;  295234;  297476;  318900;  318905;  318910;  335969;  335973;  89741;  89745; 
DIP 135184E;  135188E;  135189E;  135190E;  137167E;  149E;  150E;  177021E;  177022E;  177023E;  177024E;  177025E;  177026E;  177027E;  177028E;  177029E;  177030E;  180095E;  87759E;  87760E; 
MINT MINT-19344;  MINT-2490745;  MINT-2829358;  MINT-2829504;  MINT-2829542;  MINT-2829576;  MINT-2829624;  MINT-2829876;  MINT-2829895;  MINT-2829913;  MINT-2830323;  MINT-2830357;  MINT-2830381;  MINT-2830405;  MINT-2981755;  MINT-2981779;  MINT-3296655;  MINT-48337;  MINT-48494;  MINT-49244;  MINT-49356;  MINT-4950280;  MINT-4950315;  MINT-56509;  MINT-6543302;  MINT-6543323;  MINT-6543349;  MINT-6665465;  MINT-7899812;  MINT-7900157;  MINT-7914854;  MINT-7989539;  MINT-7989824;  MINT-7989846;  MINT-7989865;  MINT-7989882;  MINT-8010325; 
HPRD 00146;  00303;  00313;  00528;  00823;  01277;  01574;  01778;  01861;  02183;  02227;  02228;  02457;  02583;  03143;  03183;  03245;  03326;  03465;  03485;  03490;  03494;  03684;  03965;  03995;  04072;  04075;  04078;  04231;  04232;  04255;  04257;  04424;  04531;  04538;  04540;  04955;  05021;  05130;  05131;  05149;  05496;  05569;  05610;  06780;  06789;  06992;  07105;  07513;  07535;  07536;  07601;  09023;  09045;  09094;  09246;  09539;  10024;  10912;  11873;  11897;  11899;  11901;  12531;  13006;  13657;  15094;  15476;  15981;  16246;  16459;  16460;  16872;  19599; 
IntAct NA
Database links RefSeq NA
Ensembl NA
Entrez Gene Entrez Gene ID:8294
GeneCard GeneCardHIST1H4I*GeneCards is provided free to academic non-profit institutions.
etc H-GOLDHuman-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases
Curation status Human curated
Notes NA
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fRNAdb (The functional RNA database) : overlapping fRNAdb entries with H-InvDB transcripts based on the location of the genome. 

Gene ontology information
Molecular function DNA binding (GO:0003677);  protein heterodimerization activity (GO:0046982); 
Biological process nucleosome assembly (GO:0006334); 
Cellular component nucleus (GO:0005634);  nucleosome (GO:0000786); 

Subcellular localization information  Last modified:27-May-2015
WoLF PSORT nuclear; 
Target P Other
SOSUI soluble protein
TMHMM soluble protein
PTS1 Not targeted
Related H-InvDB links LIFEdb LIFEdb; 
JRE-1.4.0 or later is required. Download JRE at Sun's web site.

Protein structure information (GTOP) GTOP Last modified:27-May-2015
Start End PDB_ID E-value Identity Coverage SCOP_ID
24 103 1aoiB 2e-14 100.0 80/83 a.22.1.1
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Gene expression information  H-ANGEL DNAProbeLocator Last modified:27-May-2015
Tissue-specific expression  H-ANGEL NA
information DNAProbeLocator
AceGene AGhsB011101; 
HG-Focus 214634_at; 
HG-U133 214634_at; 
HG-U133A 214634_at; 
HG-U133A_2 214634_at; 
HG-U133_Plus_2 214634_at; 
HG-U95 762_f_at; 
HG-U95A 762_f_at; 
HG-U95Av2 NA
HuEx-1_0 2899770;  2899771;  2946719; 
HuGeneFL AB000905_at; 
Agilent Human 1A Oligo Microarray:PGID215 A_23_P361347;  A_23_P70458; 
Whole Human Genome Oligo Microarray:PGID247 A_24_P20873; 
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Evolutionary information  Evola Help Last modified:27-May-2015
Relationship Species Accession number MGI Links
Orthology Rattus sp. (Rat) BC100619 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Mus sp. (Mouse) BC152397 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Tetraodon sp. (Tetraodon) CR719166 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Bos sp. (Cow) ENSBTAT00000044998 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Equus sp. (Horse) ENSECAT00000002444 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Pongo sp. (Orangutan) ENSPPYT00000018996 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Macaca sp. (Macaque) XM_001092924 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Pan sp. (Chimpanzee) XM_001134995 G-integraG-integra
Orthology Canis sp. (Dog) XM_849000 G-integraG-integra
Phylogenetic tree [View by ATV]
Neighbor-joining (phb) 
Related H-InvDB links EvolaEvoladN/dS (under constraction); 

Polymorphism (SNP, indel), microsatellite (Short Tandem Repeat, STR) and repeat information  VaryGene Repeat mask viewer
 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and indel  VaryGene
Location Variation dbSNP ID Strand CDS/UTR Translation
41 .. 41 G/C rs140775845 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Gly10Ala]
76 .. 76 G/T rs143050720 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Val22Leu]
111 .. 111 A/G rs151220380 + CDS Synonymous[Pro33Pro]
178 .. 178 C/T rs200159567 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Arg56Cys]
182 .. 182 G/A rs140361782 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Gly57Glu]
204 .. 204 G/A rs150377743 + CDS Synonymous[Glu64Glu]
248 .. 248 G/A rs116193614 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Arg79His]
269 .. 269 A/G rs138088561 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Asp86Gly]
304 .. 304 C/G rs143646853 + CDS Nonsynonymous[Leu98Val]
318 .. 318 C/T rs61742445 + CDS Synonymous[Gly102Gly]
327 .. 327 G/A rs112207956 + 3'UTR
357 .. 357 A/T rs202114057 + 3'UTR
371 ^ 372 -/GGT rs201244252 + 3'UTR
379 .. 379 G/A rs143475637 + 3'UTR
380 .. 380 C/G rs188731680 + 3'UTR
445 .. 445 C/T rs116675691 + 3'UTR
535 .. 535 G/A rs79400360 + 3'UTR
680 .. 680 A/C rs192618228 + 3'UTR
709 .. 709 C/A rs184809464 + 3'UTR
724 .. 724 G/A rs75206923 + 3'UTR
790 .. 790 G/A rs6456769 + 3'UTR
923 .. 923 A/G rs73739600 + 3'UTR
1122 .. 1122 C/G rs16894241 + 3'UTR
1136 .. 1136 G/A rs141628800 + 3'UTR
1261 .. 1261 G/C rs150916187 + 3'UTR
 Microsatellite (Short Tandem Repeat, STR)
No data available
 Microsatellite: Human-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases (H-GOLD)
No data available
 Repeat  Repeat mask viewer
No data available
Database links H-GOLDHuman-Gene diversity Of Life-style related Diseases(H-GOLD)
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