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H-Inv cluster ID: HIX0005684 Created date: 26-Mar-2013 Last modified: 26-Mar-2013
Definition: HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-1 alpha chain precursor.

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Cluster annotation summary  Transcript view G-integra DiseaseInfo Viewer H-ANGEL Evola PPI viewer VaryGene H-DBAS LEGENDA Gene family TACT
H-Inv cluster ID HIX0005684
Genomic location  G-integra Help Chromosome 6
Location 6p22.1
Position 29855071- 29913661
Strand +
Representative H-Inv ID Representative H-Inv ID Transcript viewHIT000277754
Coding potential Protein coding; 
Definition HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-1 alpha chain precursor.
Similarity category  Help Category:  Identical to known human protein(Category I).
Identical to known human protein (NP_002107)  [Identity/coverage = 100.0%/100.0%] to Homo sapiens protein.
Gene family / group Major histocompatibility complex (MHC).
Gene symbol/name HGNC symbol HLA-A  HLA-H 
HGNC aliases NA
HGNC name major histocompatibility complex, class I, A  major histocompatibility complex, class I, H (pseudogene) 
Database links RefSeq NR_001434
Ensembl ENST00000383326ENST00000492107ENST00000495183ENST00000462986ENST00000490454ENST00000492759ENST00000461903ENST00000470780ENST00000376806ENST00000476132ENST00000376809ENST00000499304ENST00000473059ENST00000479494ENST00000481018ENST00000463148ENST00000478258ENST00000376802ENST00000465498ENST00000396634ENST00000470534ENST00000485166ENST00000462184ENST00000468995ENST00000461996ENST00000464713ENST00000420084ENST00000468666ENST00000471291ENST00000487534ENST00000479675ENST00000355767ENST00000536480ENST00000488889ENST00000464610ENST00000460542ENST00000484494ENST00000479969ENST00000478186ENST00000496081ENST00000429656ENST00000478740ENST00000479320ENST00000462536
Entrez Gene Entrez Gene ID:3105
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