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PCDq is a human protein complex database with quality index, which tells us the evidence level as members of the protein complex. We predicted human protein complexes from integrated PPI network data by finding densely connected regions with their cluster properties in the PPI network. We annotated the predicted complexes with our defined procedures by human curators that confirm the existence of the complex actually available in references. We integrated data entities such as protein function, localization, structure, expression profile, gene locus, and binary interactions among complex member proteins and complex outside adjacent proteins.

References: Kikugawa S, Nishikata K, Murakami K, Sato Y, Suzuki M, Altaf-Ul-Amin M, Kanaya S, Imanishi T. PCDq: human protein complex database with quality index which summarizes different levels of evidences of protein complexes predicted H-Invitational protein-protein interactions integrative dataset. BMC Syst. Biol. 2012. in press.

Protein Complex Annotation at the Interactome Level

Show annotated complex list in the human interactome.

Draw PPI map of Complex-Complex Interactions in the human interactome.

Protein Complex Samples

DREAM complex Draw PPI map focus on this complex. Link to the complex information.
RNA polymerase II Draw PPI map focus on this complex. Link to the complex information.
RNaseP/RNaseMRP Draw PPI map focus on this complex. Link to the complex information.

Protein complexes by keywords:
(Complex keywords, name, or descriptions
/ Protein keywords, Gene symbol, H-InvDB ID or accession No.)
Proteins in Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs):
(Protein keywords, Gene symbol, H-InvDB ID: HIX (gene cluster ID),
HIT (transcript ID), HIP (protein ID), or accession No.: UniProt, RefSeq, GI, CCDS, PDB)

PPI data are based on H-InvDB Rel. 5.0.
PCDq (Protein Complex Database with quality index)
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