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3.3 Navi search

3.3.1 Search using the wizard

At the top page, click on the "Navi" button on the black bar. Then a menu for searching is shown (Fig. 3.3.1). This page has a number of commonly used searches. The items are as follows.

Fig. 3.3.1 The initial menu of the Navigation System

For example, from "new Advanced Search (pre!)", Fig. 3.3.2 shows the page displayed when "Search by gene function" is selected. "new Advanced Search (pre!)" has 16 "search contents", each of which includes items for the search condition. Users can select the "search contents" by clicking check boxes in the left menu. When users enter this page by selecting an analysis purpose via the "Navi" page, the relevant "search contents" will be selected like this. After selecting and entering some items for the search, users are to click the "Search" button.

Fig. 3.3.2 The case when "Search by gene function" was selected.

You can enter directly to the "new Advanced Search (pre!)" by using the URL: http://h-invitational.jp/hinv/c-search/.

Figure 3.3.3 shows an example of the search results.

Fig. 3.3.3 A sample of the search result

When there are some hits on HIX (A locus unit defined by H-InvDB) entries, the numbers of the hits for HIX entries will be shown.

From the results, when a user clicks the following button,
panda_mini.png the user gets the gene lists searched by the "PANDA-mini" system (See above).

Note: For the checkboxes of the chromosome number on which transcripts were mapped, 'UN' means 'unassembled', and 'UM' means 'unmapped'. The transcripts with 'UN' are those which were mapped on contigs not assembled to any known chromosomes. The transcripts with 'UM' are those which were not mapped on any contigs.

Limitations of "new Advanced Search (pre!)"

The "new Advanced Search (pre!)" is subject to almost all of the limitations of the "Advanced Search" (See 3.2). In addition, the maximum number of HITs you can download from the search result is 100. To obtain all the HITs for a certain query, please use the "Jump" button, or "Advanced Search", or contact us from the URL https://h-invitational.jp/HinvDB_helpdesk/index.html.

Revised: Janualy 30, 2007