H-Inv Extended Protein Database (H-EPD) is a merged data set of H-Inv proteins and other protein databases and present a new strategy of database-driven proteome research that makes full use of transcriptome data.

Dataset information

Venn diagram ID relation

H-InvDB ver.8.0


protein-coding genes

RefSeq release 54


protein-coding genes

UniProt July 2012


human reviewed proteins

Latest version 1.4
Last update 2013/9/11

Fasta file

Name Records Created On Download
Integrated FASTA: UniProtKB/Swissprot+RefSeq proteins+H-InvDB 40,367 2013/9/10
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot FASTA (include duplications by assigning H-InvDB) 21,079 2013/9/10
RefSeq proteins FASTA (include duplications by assigning H-InvDB) 1,925 2013/9/10
H-InvDB unique proteins FASTA 17,363 2013/9/10
Protein coding of H-Invitational transcripts (HITs) 228,547 2012/9/30