H-InvDB_9.0 released on May 27, 2015.
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Welcome to H-ANGEL - the Human Anatomical Gene Expression Library
The H-ANGEL viewer provides two distinct query interfaces to the H-ANGEL database in order to display human gene expression data across 40 distinct tissues and 7 different platforms. Using H-Angel the user may perform two different kinds of search:
H-Inv Locus Search for Gene Expression
Using this option the user may retrieve the gene expression patterns associated with a particular locus across different tissues and platforms by entering a related identifiers in the text box below. Gene expression patterns for distinct loci can be retrieved simultaneously by entering a list of identifiers. Any of the following identifiers or keywords may be used to search:
HIX (H-Inv locus ID), ACC_NO (Genbank ID), UniGene ID, LocusLink ID, OMIM ID, Definition (Genbank), and Product (Genbank)

Expression Pattern Search
Using this interface, the user can define a specific expression pattern across ten tissue categories and then retrieve all loci contained within H-Angel that match the user defined pattern.
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