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H-DBAS update history

  • 2011/12/26: RASV - RefSeq corresponding list was added to a download page.
  • 2010/09/09: Version 6 (based on H-InvDB 7.5, UCSC hg19 and dbSNP 130) was published. Human transcripts, genome and SNPs were updated. ORF priority was included in RASV decision.
  • 2010/07/30: Version 5 (based on H-InvDB 6.2, UCSC hg18 and dbSNP 128) was published. RNA dataset of AS analysis about rat, chimpanzee, macaque and dog were newly included. Comparative genomics analysis results were updated (human was compared with above mentioned four species in addition to mouse). Human SNP was newly included. Viewer was thoroughly-revised (Flash was used in place of Java).
  • 2009/09/15: Translation validation of AS variants by using RNA-Seq tags and RefSeq junctions was provided (CGI and GBrowse2).
  • 2009/01/30: Version 4 (based on H-InvDB 6.0 and UCSC hg18) was published. Human transcripts and mouse genome were updated. AS patterns relating transcription initiation/termination were newly included. Fluctuation of exon-intron boundary for AS identification was changed from +-10bp to +-2bp.
  • 2008/06/13: Conserved AS was updated.
  • 2008/03/31: AS analysis of mouse full-length cDNA dataset was provided.
  • 2008/02/20: Version 3 (based on H-InvDB 4.6 and UCSC hg18) was published. Comparative genomics analysis results (especially Conserved AS) between human RASVs and mouse full-length cDNAs were newly included. Viewer was upgraded for comparative genomics analysis (Java).
  • 2007/05/18: Dataset of AS analysis was separated into full-length cDNA and mRNA.
  • 2007/03/30: Version 2 (based on H-InvDB 4.0 and UCSC hg18) was published. Transcripts and genome were updated.
  • 2006/12/20: Version 1 (based on H-InvDB 3.8 and UCSC hg17) was published. Human RASVs were identified by genome-wide survey. AS affecting protein functions was analyzed. Viewer which users can operate was created (Java).