Human (Homo sapiens) H-InvDB 7.5
HIT000001184 (AB040902) FLRT3
Leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein FLRT3 precursor (Fibronectin-like domain-containing leucine-rich transmembrane protein 3).
popupCategory I: Identical to known human protein
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Chimp gf
Macaque gf
Mouse gf
Rat gf

arrow Ortholog
Chimpanzee (Pan) XM_525271
Manual curation 100.00%, 649 aa*
Orangutan (Pongo) CR860404
Computational analysis 99.41%, 649 aa*
Macaque (Macaca) XM_001084137
Computational analysis 99.80%, 649 aa*
Mouse (Mus) BC052043
Computational analysis 96.30%, 649 aa*
Rat (Rattus) XM_001080226
Computational analysis 96.30%, 649 aa*
Dog (Canis) XM_852855
Computational analysis 97.50%, 649 aa*
Horse (Equus) XM_001491950
Computational analysis 98.50%, 649 aa*
Cow (Bos) XM_001251706
Computational analysis 97.70%, 649 aa*
Opossum (Monodelphis) ENSMODT00000006654
Manual curation 93.10%, 649 aa*
Chicken (Gallus) BX934700
Computational analysis 84.30%, 650 aa*
Zebrafish (Danio) CU468792
Computational analysis 71.30%, 529 aa*
Tetraodon (Tetraodon) GSTENT00030825001
Computational analysis 73.00%, 652 aa*
Fugu (Takifugu) SINFRUT00000181189
Computational analysis 67.30%, 349 aa*
* Sequence identity and aligned length, calculated by FASTA, overriding internal stop codon or frameshift.

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