Human transcript (Homo sapiens)
flag HIT000383158 (AB065441) OR14A16 338 aa
Olfactory receptor 14A16; Olfactory receptor 5AT1; Olfactory receptor OR1-45;
popupCategory I: Identical to known human protein Q8NHC5
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arrow_ot Cross-species mapping
Chimpanzee genome
(Pan troglodytes)
Identity / Coverage (amino acid)*: 96.2% / 100.0%
dN/dS in conserved ORF (%length): 0.713 in 100.0% (> 50%)
Window analysis of dN/dS**: No-selection-found
Orangutan genome
(Pongo pygmaeus)
Identity / Coverage (amino acid)*: 94.4% / 100.0%
dN/dS in conserved ORF (%length): 0.561 in 100.0% (> 50%)
Window analysis of dN/dS**: No-selection-found
* Calculated by FASTY alignment, overriding internal stop codon or frameshift in the primates genome.
** 20-codon with 1-codon step. Fisher's exact test (P < 0.01).

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Sequence (fasta) Transcript, Protein

arrow_go Gene ontology (GO)
Molecular function G-protein coupled receptor activity GO:0004930
olfactory receptor activity GO:0004984
Biological process G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway GO:0007186
Cellular component integral to membrane GO:0016021

arrow_ip InterPro
Accession number Short name Sequence region (aa)
IPR000276 G protein-coupled receptor, rhodopsin-like 53-77, 86-107, 131-153, 137-153, 226-249, 298-324
IPR000725 Olfactory receptor 119-130, 156-168, 203-219, 263-272, 309-320
IPR017452 GPCR, rhodopsin-like, 7TM 30-333, 68-316